I love Wilbur!!!

9 Nov

This weekend was the weekend of pig for me. I had pork chops, ham and made pulled pork for the very first time! It was all extremely yummy. Pork chops and ham are something my family has fairly often, especially in the winter months! (There are lots of winter months in Ottawa!) Pulled pork was something I had never made before this weekend.

Pulled pork is all about low and slow, cooking the meat for a long time at a low heat. This helps make a cut of tough meat nice and tender. In the case of pulled pork it turns pork butt (pork shoulder) into a piece of meat that literally falls apart as you pick it up. Once you finish cooking the pork you shred it with forks and then you can put it in buns, sandwiches or under eggs benedict. The great thing about making something like pulled pork is that you can buy a less popular cut of meat, which is usually cheaper, and make it into something delicious. I really think that everyone should try making pulled pork, it is uber yummy, I will post my recipe for pulled pork latter on today.

~Bon Appetit!


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