Adventures of an Ottawa Foodie in … Toronto

22 Nov

This weekend my girlfriend and I took an awesome trip to the little apple, Toronto. In the fairness of impartiality, I am not always the biggest fan of everything Toronto…especially the Maple Leafs! (GO SENS!) While there hockey team may suck, there food scene is awesome. Toronto is a very diverse city and with it comes a lot of ethnic foods that you can’t always find in other cities. You also get some amazing chefs who are attracted to a city that has enough people to support expensive restaurants. Toronto also has a lot of restaurants that are geared for tourists, I am not usually one to go to touristy places but sometimes they are a lot of fun!

The first night we got in it was already pretty late when we went looking for a place to eat. Unfortunately we went the wrong way down Young St. to find all the small places (we headed towards front St.) Sometimes it lucky to go on an adventure, we finally saw Bymark( (Mark McEwan from the Heat on the Food Channel). While we would have loved to go there, I was a bit intimidated by the fact they had valet parking and didn’t really feel like paying a ton for a meal that night. We kept walking and ended up going to the Loose Moose. The Loose Moose is a pub right on Front St., pretty much in front of the CN Tower. The food was surprisingly really good! We got there just in time to befit $3.50 pints of Keith’s, which always puts me in a good mood. That night my girlfriend had the Loose Moose burger, which had bacon, aged cheddar and paprika mayo. She was kind enough to let me taste some and it was really good, nice and smoky. It also came with some of the thickest cut fries I have ever had, and boy were they good, I would order a whole plate of them! I had the Mac Chili & Cheese. This was homemade mac & cheese on top of chili. This may sound like an odd combination, but it was delicious! If you are ever in Toronto and are looking for a fun inexpensive place to go, I highly recommend the Loose Moose! (

As this post is getting longer then normal and I am getting close to the Ottawa train station, I will leave you waiting for more about my adventures in Toronto. I will let you know that it involves cow bones, oysters and perogies! Make sure to stay tuned!

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