My weekend in Food…

17 Mar

This past weekend was a good one for me and food, I ate a lot, cooked a bit and learned lots!

Friday was a busy day even though I had no class. I had decided to make homemade ravioli and tomato sauce, to surprise my girlfriend. After spending the day making ravioli, we went to Lone Star Texas Grill and watched the film Food Inc. Saturday we went to Kettleman’s Bagel shop for a late lunch, bought a copy of the Food Inc. novel and had my homemade ravioli. Needless to say, lots to do with food!

I thought that making ravioli would be a lot harder than what it was. I didn’t have a recipe for the ravioli, only for the pasta dough. (See recipe below) For the filling I browned some veal with garlic, green onions, salt and pepper. I let it cool before putting it in the pasta. Once the pasta was ready to roll, I rolled it quite thin, I then folded the sheet in to and cut where it folded. I then made rows of ground veal and topped with ricotta. I then covered the lamb and ricotta with the other half of pasta and pushed down the sides to seal the raviolis. Finally I cut the pasta so I had a whole bunch. To cook I threw them in some boiling salted water and cooked for about ten minutes. 

I mixed them with a tomato sauces I made. You can use your favorite but I always enjoy trying new flavors. This time I used a tiny slice of chipotle and some adobo sauce. It was mucho delicious! Finally topped the ravioli and tomato sauce with some parmesan reggiano. It was one great supper!

I will be posting reviews of Lone Star Texas Grill, Kettleman’s Bagel shop and the Food Inc., as the week goes on. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the awesome weather!

Happy Eating!!!


Pasta Recipe

Pasta is really easy to make once you have the technique figured out. My suggestions are to get good tipo 00 flour (cheap at la Bottega) and to take your time and not rush it.


  • 5 cups pasta flour
  • 6 large eggs

Make a well with your flour, either in a bowl or on a flat surface. Crack your eggs into the well. Beat the eggs with a fork until smooth. Using the tips of your fingers, mix the eggs with the flour, incorporating a little at a time, until everything is combined. Knead the pieces of dough together, after a while the will form a big, smooth lump. Next you knead the dough until it feels smooth and silky instead of rough and floury. You need to let it rest in the fridge for ½ hour before rolling it out. (This is a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie, one of my favorite cook books, it has lots of good basics and some really advanced stuff too! For more info on Jamie’s cookbooks check out our closest chapters or visit

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