Hey there sheriff…

26 Mar

Last week was a great week for me and tex-mex food. I went to Lone Star Texas Grill not once but twice, once for lunch and once for dinner.

Lone Start is a Texas themed restaurant. They have around 6 locations around Ottawa including in the Byward Market, in the east, west end and even a log cabin for events of ten people or more. Each restaurant is decorated in an old west/Mexican theme and the servers and hosts are dressed in plaid and jeans. One of the best parts of Lone Star is when someone has a birthday. They make you stand up on your chair and they force a big foam cowboy hat on you, while the staff sings you their version of happy birthday. (Fun when you’re watching, not always fun when it’s your birthday!)

Lone Star is known (at least by me) for their amazing nachos and salsa and their fajitas. The nachos are homemade from the homemade tortillas. They have the perfect amount of salt and have a great crunch! I could sit there and eat the free basket (provided when you order your meal) all by myself and still want more!!!

The fajitas are the best fajitas that I have had in Ottawa, so far. You order them by the 1/2lb, and can get a 1/2lb – good for 2 people on a date or one really hungry person, 1lb – good for 2 hungry people or 3 people or 2lbs good for small groups. You have three choices when it comes to the meat, you can get steak, chicken or shrimp. You can also get a combo with two different kinds of meat. When they are served to you all the meat comes piled on top of onion and peppers, loaded on an uber hot cast-iron skillet. The skillet is great because when they set it down it is sizzling like crazy and the sound makes your mouth water! The meat and peppers comes with tortillas (unlimited), cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, rice, beans, lettuce and tomatoes, all the right toppings! Lone Star doesn’t just do nachos and fajita. They have a full menu with everything from steak to burgers. They also have great deals on beer.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive night out with a date or a group of friends this is the place to go!

I am classifying Lone Star as a mid-level restaurant. (My classification system will me up in the next day or two!)


(The rating is out of a possible 5 s. )


Happy Eating!!!

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