Spice to warm you up!

26 Mar

This afternoon I was lucky enough to be taken to lunch by a super amazing friend! (You know who you are!) As many of you are well aware, today saw the return of some cold weather and boy was it cold! So to warm up we went to and got some soup from Truc. Trus is a small Vietnamese restaurant at the corner of Bank and Sommerset. (275 Bank St.) It specializes in beef and chicken soups.

When we walked in it wasn`t busy at all and we were served very quickly but the place filled up quick! If you are going to go there for lunch during the week, I would recommend either making a reservation or arriving early to make sure that you get a seat without too much of a wait. The place is very nice, marble tables and comfy seats. They have a large selection of soups. Everything from pork, fish balls and shrimp to chicken and rice noodles with chicken broth. I had the beef balls sate with egg noodles which was awesome! One of the best parts of the soup is that they are served with a sprig of fresh basil, lemon and bean sprouts that you can add to your taste. They also have a nice big bottle of  sriracha, I love this stuff! It is a little sweet and very spicy. My soup was already considered spicy but I ignored that and added some more sriracha. Maybe not the most brilliant idea but still very yummy in my books! The prices for everything is very reasonable, especially for lunch. If you end up going I would recommend getting the small size for the soup! I got the medium and hardly got half way through!

This is a great place for some yummy soup! I would definitely recommend going!

Over all Rating(out of 5 s)

Happy Eating!!!

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