The Best Restaurant in Ottawa!!!

29 Mar

This weekend I got the chance to go to my favourite restaurant in the city, Fraser Cafe! Fraser Cafe is by far my favourite restaurant in the city, not only does it have amazing food but its also feels like you’re at home.

Fraser Cafe is the brainchild of brothers Simon and Ross Fraser. (I don’t think it would be a good idea for me and my brothers to work together in a kitchen with sharp knives!) The Frasers first opened the cafe about 2 years ago in the old (tiny) Works location in New Edinburgh. The original location only had about 22 seats and about 25 more seats on the patio. After the first 15 moths being open, Fraser Cafe was so popular that they needed to move to a larger location. So the Fraser brothers moved to a larger location just a couple of streets over. The location is still on the small side and they are always packed but it has kept its warm, friendly atmosphere.

The food at Fraser Cafe is out of this world! They focus on local and seasonal products and they try to showcase them simply. The menu is never huge but it changes with the seasons and there is always something new on the menu! One of the best parts of the menu is the chef’s choice. When you order the chef’s choice the chefs come up with an original dish just for you, something not on the menu. This option is available for both the appetizers and the entrees and makes you feel like a celebrity!

I have been to Fraser Cafe 3 times now. Most recently this weekend for brunch. When I was there this weekend I had the cheese burger and my girlfriend had the eggFraser's 1s Benedict. The cheese burger and fries were delicious! The burger was cooked medium rare, with tons of melted cheese on top. It also had some bacon (a must for me!) and some kind delicious mustard. The fries were really good as well, it was one of the first times I didn’t have to add salt to my fries!

The eggs Benedict is really good as well. The hollandaise sauce is nice and acidic, the eggs are poached perfectly and there was some yummy pea meal bacon. The last time we were there for brunch the eggs Benedict was even better, instead of pea meal bacon, it had pulled pork!Fraser's 2

I have also been to Fraser Cafe for dinner and it was amazing! The one downside is that you need to make a reservation.  I have never had trouble getting a reservation, even the day before, but it’s still a necessity. I still haven’t told you my favourite part of Fraser Cafe, their TV over the bar isn’t tuned to sports like most places, its tuned to the Food Network!!!

If you have never been or are from outside of Ottawa you need to go and if you’re ever looking for someone to go with let me know!!!

My Rating (our of 5 plates)

Fraser Cafe gets the first perfect score!



Fraser café is located at 7 Springfield Road
(at the corner of Beechwood).



Saturday – Sunday 10:00am – 2:00pm
Tuesday – Friday 11:30am – 2:00pm
Tuesday – Sunday 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Closed Mondays

For more info check out their website at

Map picture

NEW!!! Simon and Ross Fraser have just teamed up with Ion Aimers (the guy who started the Works burger restaurants) to open up a new pizza joint in the original location of both the Works and Fraser Cafe. (The tiny little place in New Edinburgh.) ZaZaZa pizza with pizazz just opened. I will let you know all about it once I go! Stay tuned!

Happy Eating!!!

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