Coffee Good For the World

25 Apr


This week sees the launch of a new website, that should have coffee lovers excited! Coffeemark Coffee and Tea services launched their new website .

Coffeemark provides business, government, NGO’s, restaurants and cafeterias with a complete range of coffees, teas, sugars and equipment. If the coffee where you work or at your favourite restaurant sucks! You should check out Coffeemark’s website and get their service.

One of the great features on the Coffeemark website is the online shopping. Those looking for fair trade coffee, tea, sugar or hot chocolate can find a huge selection of tasty products!

As a Licensee with Transfair Canada ( the Canadian arm of FLO, the worldwide Fair Trade Labelling Organization) since 1999, Coffeemark is Canada’s longest serving, full service Fair Trade Office Coffee provider. This means that Coffeemark specializes in fair trade coffees and teas. The reason YOU should be buying fair trade is because it helps the world in a number of ways:

  1. Helps farmers break the cycle of poverty because fair trade coops provide a fair price for their products.
  2. Helps the farmers by allowing them to plant more then one product in their fields.
  3. Encourages bird-friendly and organic growing practices.
  4. Protects forests from deforestation for growing coffee, tea, sugar or chocolate.

More more information about fair trade visit .

If you are looking for fair trade coffee for home or work I would urge you to check out Coffeemark, .

NOTE: Coffeemark is NOT a retail store, orders must be placed through their website or by phone.)

(In the interest of transparency, this is my parent’s business, they aren’t paying me for this!)

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