Pizza with Pizazz!!!

14 Jun

Friday night my girlfriend and I were feeling kind of lazy and really wanted some pizza. While we had a hankering for some pizza we weren’t in the mood for anything greasy. So we decided to go to Za Za Za Pizza on Putman Ave.

Za Za Za Pizza is the brainchild of Ion Aimers (the genius behind the Works). He decided to take on pizza this time. To make sure the pizza was something Ottawa has never tasted before, Mr. Aimers partnered with the Fraser Brothers from Fraser Cafe (my favourite restaurant ever!) and he even went back to the original location of the Works and Fraser Cafe on Putman. (I swear if I ever open a restaurant it will be this location, its magical! All of its restaurants end up being uber successful!)

Za Za Za Pizza is a tiny place that does pizza with huge taste. The place might have 45 seats when the patio is open. It has an open kitchen so you can see the amazing chefs at work, if you decide to sit inside. The menu is a lot like the Works. It has a whole bunch of different pizzas, some that are pretty normal and others that are pretty crazy. Some memorable choices include:

Villa de Souvlaki – tzatsiki oil, garlic, mozza, tomatoes, roast pork, cold sliced cucumber and red onion.

Late Night With… – alfredo sauce, shawarma chicken, mozza, tomatoes, pickled turnips, marinated onions and hummus drizzle.

Scary Roommate – tomato sauce, mozza, Kraft dinner, hot dogs, cheddar and parmesan

When we went on Friday night the patio was full, so we sat inside, which was awesome since we got to watch the chefs cooking up tons of great pizzas! IMG00056-20100611-1829 We started off with spicy potato crisps with lumpy feta dipping sauce. The lumpy feta dipping sauce was amazing! IMG00057-20100611-1840I could have sat there and licked it off my fingers! The crisps were good but the ones on top weren’t as spicy as the ones on the bottom, they were still awesome though. My girlfriend had the Curry Crazy pizza,  it was really good but not curry enough for her. I had the the Cajun Cowboy, it was supposed to be spicy and it was! It wasn’t too spicy though, the cheese and chicken cut the heat nicely.IMG00058-20100611-1840 The best part of the pizza is the crust! Its not the normal think crust that most places have, and it doesn’t taste like cardboard like a lot of delivery places. It is thin and covered in corn meal, making it perfect for showing off all of the amazing toppings.

Overall I really loved Za Za Za Pizza! I got to chat with one of the chefs and she was super friendly. What was really amazing was when talking to her I found out they were down to only one pizza oven! On a busy Friday they were flying through pizzas and if she hadn’t told me I would have never known they were down one pizza. The wait staff were great to, providing some great tips! The price can’t be beat either. Our meal for two was only $27.00 (not including tip and we didn’t order any drinks). I would recommend ordering the small pizza for one person and the large if you want to share. Za Za Za Pizza doesn’t do delivery as far as I know but if you’re in the neighbourhood you can get pizza to go. This is a definite must eat at!

My rating (out of 5 plate ‘s)

plateplateplateplate and 1/2

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