What gets me out of bed Sunday…

29 Sep

What gets me out of my nice warm bed Sunday mornings? Brunches at Fraser Café, winning the lottery, bacon … all these things could do it. But unfortunately they don’t happen every Sunday (bacon most Sundays!). What draws me from my warm bed Sunday mornings May 9th to October 31st is the Ottawa Farmer’s Market. The draw of fresh local produce, freshly baked bread, locally raised meat and all kinds of free samples is enough to get me from my bed, down to Lansdown Park for the Ottawa Farmers’ Market.

The Ottawa Farmers’ Market started in 2006 and has become an amazing success with more than 10 times the number of producers selling their wares now than in 2006. Some may say that Ottawa already had enough farmers’ maIMG00128-20100919-1244rkets with the Main St., Parkdale and Byward farmers’ market. However the Ottawa Farmers’ Market doesn’t allowing reselling of products. This means that everyone at the market is selling products that they have either grown  or made themselves. This helps ensure that everything is fresh and local. It also means that you can meet the people who are growing the food you’re going to munch on. These relationships can be really beneficial as you get to learn how things are grown and can sometimes score awesome deals. For the farmer it means that they can get dedicated customers and they get to educate people on why local farmers are so important!

There are about 125 different vendors who participate in the Farmers’ Market each year. I have a few favourites that I always like checking out (in a non sexual way). If you’re hungry and want something to eat you need to check out The Branch Restaurant. IMG00129-20100919-1244 They are the best (in my opinion) restaurant there, they serve breakfast wraps, veggie wraps and iced tea among other things. I would recommend their sausage! I always like seeing what kind of bread Art-Is-In-Bakery is serving up. I always get a loaf when I can but you need to have patience, there are always a lot of people wanting some of the amazing bread. If I am looking for some cool veggies I love checking out Rainbow Heritage Garden Project and Roots and Shoots. Rainbow Heritage Garden Project has tons of cool heritage veggies, I especially love their heirloom tomatoes when they are in season (had some in our salad last night!). One of the coolest things I got from Rainbow Heritage Farm was Japanese turnips, they were soft, sweet and tasted amazing raw! IMG00130-20100919-1245 My favourite thing to buy from Roots and Shoots is their salad mix, it’s an awesome mix of different foliages (was in our salad last night too!). The all time best vendor to hit up on a hot summers day is Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream. If you’re lucky you might get a free sample of some crazy flavours of ice cream! You can also buy her ice cream by the ½ litre container or, new this summer, popsicles! They are the best on a hot day!

So next Sunday when you wake up a little early, pull your butt out of bed and go meet some farmers and get some amazing food!






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