16 Oct

IMG00021-20101016-1852I am sorry to everyone for not posting in the last while, with 2 Thanksgiving suppers and 2 jobs my blogging time has gone way down! But I have finally got some time to do some cooking and blogging!

So today my girlfriend and I decided to create a masterpiece! We made homemade lasagna! When I talk about homemade lasagna I am talking about homemade noodles and all!

We started off by putting onions and garlic in some hot olive oil and then browning ground beef and sausage meat. Then once the meat mixture was cooked we added tomato paste, tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes along with a secret blend of spices. While that was simmering away we made the noodles. It’s amazing how much pasta a cup and a half of flour and three eggs will make! Once we had the noodles made we needed to cook them but that only took about 2 minutes! Once all of that was done we layered the meat sauce, noodles and a ricotta cheese sauce. Presto one super amazing lasagna! Check out the pictures below!




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