Some of my favourite things…

6 Nov

The last couple of days I have been in some of Ottawa’s malls and down in the ByWard Market and have noticed how it seems that we’re already in Christmas season.  I thought that I might help all of my readers with their Christmas shopping by letting them know what some of my favourite kitchen gadgets are. Here is a list of 5 of my favourite gadgets. Just so you know, they don’t all belong to me, my girlfriend graciously lets me use them! Thanks!!!

DSC_0010 Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender – I got this amazing tool from my parents for Christmas last year, a great present! My immersion blender has made me love making soup! It can take sweet potatoes from roughly hacked to a nice smooth consistency in a couple of minutes! I also use it for making guacamole and pretty much anything else that needs to be turned to mush. It is super strong, on the highest level it can suck itself down to the bottom! Available at Canadian Tire regular for $89.99 right now on sale for $49.99.

DSC_0012 My cast iron skillet! I am very excited about this because it is still new! I just got it last weekend! They are great for frying things because they heat very evenly. One of my favourite features is that you don’t wash it! To protect the porous iron you want the different foods you cook in it to season it. I like cooking bacon in it! They are also awesome if you’re going to be cooking over an open fire, a la cowboy! I got mine at a great store in Train Yards called think kitchen, they had them for $24.99.

DSC_0013 One of my favourite pieces of kitchen equipment we have, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer! I think these look so cool! They can do tons, it comes with three attachments a dough hook, whisk and paddle. You can do everything from making cookie dough, to kneading bread! You can also get attachments for it that include things like a dough maker and meat grinder! (I can’t wait to get the meat grinder!) You can get these at Canadian Tire too, normally $369.99 but they are on sale for $269.99 right now. (Sorry for sounding like a Canadian Tire ad but they have some good sales on right now!)

DSC_0019 Oink! Our wooden piggy cutting board. I love it because its a pig!

DSC_0022 These are my knives! One of the most important tools any chef or cook can have. My parents got me my set when I moved out. These are awesome knives because they are well balanced, stay sharp and the set has pretty much everything you need! (I just want a cleaver…Mooohahahahaha!!!!)

And tonight’s supper…(and more camera practice!)

DSC_0015Our supper tonight was a super yummy spinach and goat cheese risotto. Recipe from Cook with Jamie by Jamie Oliver. Not my best picture ever but I am still learning!

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