Ethical Food Discussion

2 Dec

As a foodie I am willing to spend money on food. I am lucky enough to be working somewhere that pays me enough that I can buy local healthy food. (I just bought 1/4 pig from Upper Canada Heritage Meat!) However you can’t always get fresh local food year round in Ottawa. When there is fresh local produce available it is almost always more expensive than, refined, pre-packaged food. This means that there are a lot of people who can’t afford to choose to buy local, free range, healthy foods. There are all kinds ideas on how we can make healthy, sustainable food more accessible in Ottawa. If you think this sounds interesting come out to a great event this weekend!

Apartment 613, Just Food and Zen Kitchen are hosting a kitchen consultation on the People’s Food Policy Project. People’s Food Policy Project is all about getting change in government policy to ensure that Canada’s population has access to healthy, affordable and local food.  The kitchen consultation will be going on from noon to 2pm, this Saturday December 4th. There is a $20 fee (you need to register online). For the $20 you get some awesome food from Zen Kitchen(their chef Caroline Ishii just won a silver plate at the Gold Metal Plates competition!) If you want all the details visit or click here.

I will be there and I hope to see you there!!!


Event info

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