Birthday Presents!!!

6 Dec

This past Sunday was my birthday, this meant that there was a lot of food related activities! This means that there will be a bunch of posts coming this week! Over the weekend I went to Zen Kitchen for lunch and discussion about good food for all, to Navarra for supper and Tucker’s Market place for brunch!

On top of eating lots of good food, I got some great presents to help me make some great food!



My new wok! It also came with a steaming wrack and cooking chopsticks!


My youngest brother got me a rolling pin so that I could bake cookies for Christmas. (So that he could eat them!) I also go a very handy silicon sheet for baking and cooking.


Another cookbook for the collection, I am so excited! I think Bobby Flay is a really cool guy and would love to meet him. (If you can make that happen you would be my hero!) The cookbook has his recipe and his challengers recipe. I will review some of the recipes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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