YUM Steak!!!

25 Jan


I am a dog person, not the little dogs but bigger dogs. It is one of my dreams to own a Great Dane at one point in my life and I am hoping that the first dog I adopt will be a German Sheppard or Sheppard mix. Right now living in a small apartment doesn’t allow me the opportunity to own a dog. However I am really lucky because a friend of mine has a Sheppard/Lab mix named Brandy. Every once in a while when they are going out of town my girlfriend and I get to dog sit. One of the perks of dog sitting, other than getting an amazing dog for a week, is that we get a thank you. This time we got a gift certificate to the Keg! (Bet some of you were wondering how this might relate to food!) So this past Saturday my girlfriend and I went to the Keg for the first time.

The Keg is a chain that operates in all provinces except for PEI and in 5 states in the United States. It specializes in steak and prime rib, which it does very well! Saturday IMG-20110122-00002when we decided to go, we also wanted to go see the King’s Speech, so we went to the restaurant around 5:30 expecting it to be fairly quiet or at least not a very long wait. Holy moly were we wrong! Just so you know we did call ahead of time to try and make a reservation, however they don’t take reservations on Fridays and Saturdays. When we got to the restaurant, there were already a couple of groups waiting; when we talked to the hostess she told us that it would be a 40 to 50minute wait. Thinking that it wouldn’t be too bad we stuck around. Well it only got busier from then on. It was so busy there was no room in the bar, people were lined up pretty much into the dining room and the lobby was stuffed full. On a positive note it meant that I could appropriate some mints! We ended up waiting a little over an hour for a table. Once at our table we were served right away. Our waiter was really nice and knew his stuff. We shared the baked goat cheese to start. It was yuIMG-20110122-00004mmy but nothing special. For our main we had Top Sirloin, medium rare, with veggies and, at the suggestion of our waiter, the twice baked potato. The veggies were steamed veggies but the steak…(drooling) was sooo good! Medium rare is actually medium rare, still pink inside but warm. It was delicious, tender, juicy, beef goodness. The twice baked potato was also really good, with fluffy potato mixed with bacon bits and cheese on the inside.

Overall I liked the Keg. The prices weren’t out of this world expensive and it wasn’t trying to be something it wasn’t. It’s a great steakhouse. That being said I would strongly encourage you to go Sunday through Thursday, because it was nuts! When we left around 8 people were still being told it would be more than an hour wait. So if you want an awesome steak I would definitely go to the Keg, but just not Friday or Saturday. I just want to take this opportunity to thank Brandy’s parents for letting us take care of her and giving us the awesome presents!

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar (ByWard) on Urbanspoon

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