T is for Tea…

23 Feb

This past weekend I took a trip down to the Glebe. The main reason that I went to the Glebe was to go to the Flour Shoppe. (More on that visit to come latter!) On my way to the Flour Shoppe, I walked by a new tea store. (At least new to me, it opened in December.) The new tea shop is called David’s Tea and provides all kinds of different teas.

David’s tea was started by David Segal in 2008. He didn’t understand why it was so hard to find good tea and why a lot of people in North America thought tea was snobby. So he started a tea store and an online store, where people could buy all kinds of delicious loose leaf teas.

When I went in on Sunday it was fairly busy so I had a chance to look around. The store is definitely cool. It has almost everything you could want for making and drinking tea. Everything from tea pots to tea infusers to travel mugs with tea infusers.

Once there was a free tea agent (sales person) I received an education on tea. I learned what the difference between black and oolong teas, and what pu’erh teas are. (It is a Chinese green tea that has undergone a fermentation process.) It was a good thing that I wasn’t in a rush because it took a while to educate me!

David’s Tea has a huge selection of teas. They range in price from $4.50 to $40.00, all of the tea is priced if you buy 50grams (enough for about 25 cups.) Before buying any of the teas you get to smell them. They smell great and the amazing thing is that they taste almost the same as they smell. I got three teas – Long Life Oolong, Chocolate Chili Chai and Zing Me Tea. My favourite is the Long Life Oolong, it has hints of peach and almond. The Chocolate Chili Chai is also delicious, more of a dessert tea.

If you are a tea guru, want a tea education or just want some tasty teas check out David’s Tea. They can be found online at www.davidstea.com or you can visit the store at 798 Bank St.


Free samples! YUM!



Oh Canada tea, has tiny maple candies.

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