More Murray!!!

15 May


One of the best (and one of my favourite) restaurants in town is Murray Street restaurant. They have awesome locally sourced food. It’s the first place I had duck confit (now one of my favourites) and has some of the best pork in the city!!! For more on Murray Street restaurant check out my past post here. When I heard that the partners of Murray Street Restuarant were opening Murray’s Market, I was uber excited!!!Paddy Whelan and executive chef Steve Mitton have brought us Ottawaians an amazing food store, that highlights the local flavours from the region. Murray’s Market just opened on Saturday (May 14th) and they were already busy when we visited.

Walking into Murray’s Market is a treat for anyone who loves food! It smells amazing because of the kitchen in the back, where you can get a freshly made sandwich to go. As you make your way back to pick up your IMG-20110515-00048lunch (or dinner!) you pass on one side; fresh baked breads from Art-Is-In-Bakery and Rideau Bakery, cheeses (like a 7year aged cheddar) and the highlight for me the butchery (we got polish sausages!). On the other side there were artisan fares from local producers including; sparkling apple cider, crackers, jams, hot sauces, mustards, etc. They also have fresh produce from local producers. At the back next to the kitchen, they have take away meals and sides (we took home the Murray slaw). They also have a freezer full of cool things like different stocks (beef, lamb, hen, etc.), pork hocks and tourtieres. At the cash they have some baked goods and they also have coffee!

Murray’s Market is a one of a kind place here is Ottawa. Not only do they have all of the cool products from other producers they’re also making their own stuff. One of IMG-20110515-00049the things that I think is the coolest is the fact that they make their own sausages and other meat products (some things are brought in). The other thing that makes Murray’s Market one of a kind are the staff, today Steve Mitton was behind the counter at the butchery section, he served me my sausages and answered my questions. All of the staff were crazy friendly and seemed to really know their stuff. A great change from a lot of the staff at local grocery stores.

If you’re ever in the Byward Market, wondering where to go for lunch or you’re looking for some meat and cheese to impress your friends with, go to Murray’s Market! Even if you’re not in the market, you need to make the trip and check it out!

Murray's Market 002

My cheese croissant, sooo yummy!!!

Murray's Market 007

Our haul from Murray’s Market.

Polish sausage, granola, crackers and Murray slaw.

One Response to “More Murray!!!”

  1. @amwaters May 15, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

    Can’t wait to give it a try. It sounds great! Lucky Ottawa.

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