Yum scones!!!

18 May

Lunch time, an hour long. Not long enough to go to most sit down restaurants but there isn’t a lot of choice of tasty fast food. Either you go to a chip stand (which I do love doing) or go for some fast food. (I used to frequent Thai Express but then found out that the Pad-Thai has about 1000 calories!) So what do you do for a quick yummy   lunch? One of my favourite spots is The Scone Witch on Beechwood. (It’s maybe 300m from my house!)

As the name implies Scone Witch is all about scones all day. The scone is a British quick bread that originally comes from Scotland. Usually it is made with wheat, barley, or oatmeal IMG-20110518-00076and baking powder is used to make it rise. Scones are probably best known for their use during British Tea. (For more on the humble scones click here!) One of the cool things about scones is that you can add different ingredients to them and get all kinds of flavours. Different kinds of scones are what Scone Witch is known for! My favourite is ginger-currant. The great thing about scones are that you can have both sweet and savoury. Some of Scone Witch’s sweet scones include; lemon-poppy seed, orange-cranberry, vanilla-cream and ginger-currant and some of the savoury are cheddar cheese and the herb and onion scone. Not only can you get an excellent scone with jam or cream, you can get a Scone Witch. A Scone Witch is when your choice of scone is used like bread to form a super yummy sandwich. Some of the different fillings include ham & gruyere, BLT, cucumber and cream cheese and poached salmon. And scone witches aren’t only for lunch! The Scone Witch does a breakfast version where you can have yIMG-20110518-00075our scone filled with eggs and bacon.

I went to the Scone Witch for lunch today and it was super yummy. The scones are always nice and fresh and it never takes too long to get your food once you have places your order. With lots of seating, you can find a seat for lunch most of the time during the week. If you’re going for brunch over the weekend, be ready to wait a while to get a table. With super friendly staff, and the amazing smell of baking scones you won’t mind waiting for this tasty treat!

Scone Witch has two locations, one at 35 Beechwood Ave and the other at 388 Albert St.

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2 Responses to “Yum scones!!!”

  1. Mike Jones February 8, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

    how many calories do you think a scone witch scone has? I’m honestly curious

    I’d estimate the 600 of a Starbucks scone, if not quite a bit more.

    • Moon June 24, 2016 at 11:11 pm #

      Hi have you found out? Its almost impossible to find out. Makes me think there is something really wrong and i don’t want to even buy from them anymore.

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