1 Jul

canada day
Today is Canada Day, one of my most favourite days of the year! This year is a little extra special because we have the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge here on their first official tour. I got the chance to see them (me and 500,000 other people) as they made their way to Parliament Hill. Here are some of my photos of the event! Hope everyone has an amazing Canada Day!

KateI had to edit this picture because a police officer got in the way!

 Royal VisitDSC_0184_019 Royal VisitDSC_0185_018 Royal VisitDSC_0188_021 Royal VisitDSC_0193_016 Royal VisitDSC_0194_015 Royal VisitDSC_0198_011 Royal VisitDSC_0201_008 Royal VisitDSC_0202_007 Royal VisitDSC_0203_006 Royal VisitDSC_0204_005 Royal VisitDSC_0205_004 Royal VisitDSC_0206_003 Royal VisitDSC_0209_002  Royal VisitDSC_0215_001

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