Off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of OZ!!!

30 Jul

This weekend I participated in a Try-A-Tri (200m swim, 20km bike and 2km run). While many people were carb loading, I was food loading eating out at OZ Kafe with some awesome friends.

Elign Street is one of the areas in Ottawa IMG-20110729-00164that has a ton of restaurants, it is also one of the places that I always forget about, when trying to decide where to go for supper. This time I was smart and thought of it! The first place I thought to go to was Town, however I couldn’t get a reservation at a time that would work for us. My next choice was Oz Kafe and scored a reservation at a great time.

If you were walking down Elgin, you would have a hard time seeing the restaurant. It is part of a building that also houses a Booster Juice, Kochu Korean food, the Lieutenant’s Pub and Pancho Villa. All of these places share a courtyard just below street level.

The place is pretty small, and the tables and chairs have definitely been used, a lot, the place has character! It is a great place to go with  friends. No one cares if you are talking loud because they are too!

IMG-20110729-00166While the atmosphere was good, the food was even better. My girlfriend started off with the soup of the day. It was a roasted red pepper, tomato and corn soup with home made bacon. It had a smooth texture and was delicious, especially with the bacon. However it tasted more like tomato then anything else and was not the best choice for a hot night. I started off with the Yak Tataki. Tataki is a Japanese preparation of meat or fish. The meat is seared very briefly  over a hot flame or pan, briefly marinated in vinegar and sliced thinly. (Tataki – Wikipedia) It was definitely an interesting and tasty dish. My only problem was that the horseradish sauce the yak was on, overpowered the flavour of the meat. It was still very yummy!


IMG-20110729-00168For my main, I had the elk tenderloin and it was delicious!  The elk was the special of the night. It comes medium rare and is a very good size. The meat was cooked to perfection and it came with a bit jus. It also came with potatoes, tomatoes mushrooms and some greens. All of which were very yummy.

My girlfriend also really enjoy her main. She had the 6oz steak with ceaser salad. I am very lucky because we both like our steak medium rare, so I can steal some from her. The steak came from O’Brien Farm, it was very juicy and super tender. I think my favourite part was the house made bbq sauce. I wish I could have bought a bottle of it and brought it home with me!IMG-20110729-00167

One of my other friends also got the steak and loved it, she said the caesar salad was aIMG-20110729-00169 little too creamy for her taste. Our other friend had the haddock and really loved it.

I would definitely recommend Oz Kafe, it is a great place to enjoy great company and some good food!

If you have a minute please click the logo below and pledge me for the MS Bike tour! I will be on my bike August 6th!

On another note, I am currently reading from Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, by Ree Drummond aka the Pioneer Woman (I love a good romance novel!). If you haven’t heard of her before you should check out her blog The Pioneer I am also going to try some recipes from her cookbook. Check back to see how it goes!

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