Surprise! It’s Harvest Noir!

16 Oct

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This Saturday I was eagerly awaiting an email, while I was running around picking up a black shirt, a white table cloth and cooking enough food for eight. At noon I got the email that I had been waiting for, for almost a month! What did the email tell me? It told me to meet 750+ other people at the Canadian Museum of Civilization for Harvest Noir. Harvest Noir was a surprise picnic and dance party. For more information about what Harvest Noir is check out my past blog post about it (click HERE). Saturday was a crazy day! From the moment I got up, I was getting ready for Harvest Noir that night! It started off by heading to Value Village to pick a black shirt, tie and vest to spice up my black suit. Then it was off to pick up some umbrellas, in case it rained while we were eating and a table cloth to make our table look fancy! After that it was off to pick up some groceries so we could make some bruschetta and calzones for our portion of the picnic. So it was a crazy day!

Once we were done cooking and got all gussied up, it was off to the Museum of Civilization, to set up our table and enjoy great food and company. We started off with some bruschetta and amazing goat cheese from Murray’s Market. Our next course was some amazing roasted pumpkin soup, I will be getting that recipe! For our main we had calzones and finished off the meal with pumpkin pie and Newfoundland cookies.DSC 0877DSC 0871

DSC 0878

While to food was amazing, what really made the night a success was the location and all of the other dedicated picnickers! The picnic was located behind the Civilization Museum, right on the banks of the Ottawa river. It was amazing to see everyone’s table decorated and everyone dressed in their best black! Some people took the dress code seriously! Top hats and fascinators were everywhere! Not only were the other picnickers a well dressed bunch, they were also very dedicated! There were a couple of times when it started to rain. Instead of running for cover, everyone broke out the umbrellas! It was awesome seeing hundreds of people eating outside under umbrellas! Dinner was cut a little short because a major storm was moving in. After packing up, we headed into the Grand Hall and got our groove on. Music was provided by an awesome DJ and then latter on in the evening requests were taken. On top of the music there were also a couple of cool performers.

DSC 0885

DSC 0888

Overall Harvest Noir was a GREAT time and I would recommend everyone take part at least once! However just like any first time event, there were some flaws. I thought the event would be on the Ottawa side, with it being on the Quebec side it was a lot harder to get there by public transportation and we ended up driving, with some of our friends, to the event. The cost of wine was totally ridiculous, we paid $38 for a $15 bottle of wine. After paying $37 + tax to take part and with it being a picnic it was a tough pill to swallow to pay that much for one bottle of wine. We would have brought our own but were told many times that we weren’t allowed to bring any alcohol with us. That aside it was a great event and I can’t wait to take part next year! Thanks to the organizers for dedicating so much time and putting on a great night!

I want to say thanks to the amazing group of friends who came out and dined and danced with me on Saturday night. Not only are you guys brilliant cooks but tons of fun to hangout with! Can’t wait until next year!

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