Playing with Food

7 Dec

I realize that I’ve been starting every post lately with “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” but it has been nuts with everything going on at work. I am going to work hard to make sure that I update the blog much more often. I’ve got so much to blog about too! Recently I’ve been to Farbs Kitchen and Wine Bar, Play Food and Wine, Hamie’s Diner, Pressed and other places. It’s also my BIRTHDAY!!! So that means I got a cool new cookbook called The Whole Hog Cookbook by Libbie Summers. So as you can see lots to chat about.

A couple of weeks ago some friends from work and I went to Play Food and Wine for dinner because one of them was heading to Ghana to volunteer for 6 months. (Check out her blog One of the reasons that we wanted to go to Play is because they do small plates. This meant that we could get a whole bunch of plates and try different things, which is awesome because who doesn’t want to try all kinds of things! The other great thing is that they pair their wines with each plate. If you want to have multiple plates and pair them with different wines, you can order a half glass instead of a full. I like wine so I would just order a full glass with each plate, as long I am not driving!

We were seated in on the second floor, which is also the same floor as the kitchen, how cool is that! The ambiance of the restaurant is cool. I don’t normally comment on the ambiance of a restaurant because if they have fantastic food, it doesn’t matter much to me. However Play was just really cool, the lighting wasn’t too dim like most restaurants and the colours were neutral. I find a lot of restaurants go either too dark or too much colour. One way or another it was one of my favourite restaurants just to in.

After much humming and having we decided on our first plates; beet bruschetta with chevre, local honey and truffle, gnocchie with fennel, radicchio and oyster mushrooms, beef tartar with a bacon aioli, calamari with spinach humus and gravlax with a beet puree. My favourite was the beef tartar, which was flavoured very well and the chips were the perfect way to get the meaty goodness to your mouth.

For dessert we had an artisan cheese board, rosemary crème brulée with rum soaked raisins and chocolate pate with hazelnut, orange and raspberries. Both of these deserts were amazing! I would go back just for the desserts! The rosemary crème brulé had a great rosemary flavor, which was really interesting.

Play Food and Wine is a great restaurant. It’s a good place for a date because you can share plates and be romantic! Its also a great place for a group so you can all chat and talk about food. Lunch is also great at Play Food and Wine because it’s only $20 for two plates. Next time you’re looking to impress on a first date take them to Play Food and Wine!


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2 Responses to “Playing with Food”

  1. IamSimplyTia December 7, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    Is that a creme brulee?

    • stuie86 December 7, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

      It sure is! It had rosemary in it and topped with berries. Very yummy!

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