Opening Night

8 Dec

This week was my birthday! What a great week for humanity. For every birthday either I take my girlfriend for dinner or she takes me for dinner, just depends who’s birthday it is. Since it was my birthday, Sarah took me to supper and I got to choose where to go. You don’t choose where to go for your birthday dinner on a whim, you have to think hard, do research and maybe even a pros and cons list. During my research I cam across a new restaurant that was opening just two days after my birthday, coincidence? I think not! So that’s where we went for dinner last night.

The restaurant that shares its birthday with me (well kind of) is the Hintonburg Public House.  The Hintonburg Public House is the newest addition to one of Ottawa’s fastest growing food neighbourhoods, Hintonburg. Located right across the street from Alpha Soul Café and close to Hintonburger, Back Lane Café, Tennessy Willems, Burnt Butter and more. What Hintonburg Public House brings to this collection of restaurants is a comfortable setting with great prices and great food. The food is a spin on classic pub fare with items like pickled eggs, crispy cod with fries (fish and chips), beef shoulder with fries (steak frites) and other delicious plates. What makes the restaurant feel cozy is the eclectic collection of tables and chairs, the cool mason jar chandelier, interesting collection of cutlery, huge bar and amazing old wood floors.

Cool mason jar chandelier - me being artsy

Last night was our first time going to an opening night of a restaurant. We made a reservation for 6:30, just incase it was really busy but not believing that it would be too busy. Little did we know it would be so busy with reservations and walk-ins that they needed to turn some people away. After eating there I know why! Sarah and I ordered appetizers first. I got the glazed chicken wings with blue Ermite cheese and Sarah got the white bean soup. The chicken wings were cooked perfectly; they were juicy and had lots of meat on them. Sarah’s soup was really, really good, the perfect comfort food for a cold night.

Chicken Wings

Delicious Soup!

After some hard choices we made picked our mains, Sarah had the lamb sandwich and I had the beef shoulder steak. The lamb sandwich was similar to a pulled pork sandwich with shredded lamb and topped with a slaw type salad. The sandwich was really good, the lamb didn’t have an overpowering flavour and the salad topping the sandwich gave it a great crunch. One of the best parts of the sandwich was the bread, which was warm and soft, like it was fresh out of the oven! The beef shoulder steak was cooked perfectly, to a beautiful pink colour. The fries were really, really good! They were perfectly seasoned and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. My favourite part was dipping the fires into the aioli, the perfect combination! My one complaint with the dish was that by the time I got it, the meat had cooled a lot. That being said I am sure if I went back tonight for the same meal that it would be hot.

Pretty in pink!

We finished off with dessert and coffee. I’ve got to say I don’t usually order coffee with dessert, I find that most places don’t have great coffee. Hintonburg Public House seems to be the exception though! The coffee was great and what makes it even better is that the cream and sugar came in china, something that your grandmother might use! For dessert Sarah got the apple curd tart and I had a chocolate cake with maple whipped cream and candied orange. The tart green apple on top of the tart went extremely well with the sweetness of the rest of the tart. My dessert was maybe my favourite part of the meal. The chocolate was dark and delicious. Matched with the candied orange, it created a party in my mouth!

Out of this world good!

So pretty!

If last night, the opening night, was any indication of how well the Hintonburg Public House is going to do, it will be around for a long time! It’s a great addition to the Hintonburg food scene. Next time you’re down on Wellington Street looking for a bite to eat or just a beer and a snack, make sure to head to the Hintonburg Public House!


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Address: 1020 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, Ontario

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2 Responses to “Opening Night”

  1. Summer December 13, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    Thanks for such a nice write up! We are having lots of fun. Be sure to say hello the next time you are in.

    • stuie86 December 14, 2011 at 8:31 am #

      Thanks for such a great dinner and reading my blog! Love the place and can’t wait to come back again!

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