Art-Is-In Bakery

21 Dec

It’s that time of year again when everyone is baking up a storm. There is nothing better then the smell of baking cookies or even better baking bread. While I haven’t done my Christmas baking yet, I did enjoy the smell of fresh baked goods at Art-Is-In Bakery this weekend. After an early morning appointment on Saturday, Sarah and I went to Art-Is-In Bakery for some brunch.

Thanks for the AWESOME food Kevin!

If you’ve ever been to the Landsdown Farmer’s Market, you know Art-Is-In Bakery. They are the stall that always seems to have a long line and is selling all kinds of super yummy bread like; Dynamite Potato, Caramelized Onion & Fresh Dill and Dynamite Cheddar, Chive & Jalapeno. While their stall at the Farmer’s Market is great, it was amazing when they opened up a retail location. While the location may be a little odd, 250 City Center Avenue Bay 114, the bread, pastries and other creations are out of this world! What makes Art-Is-In Bakery different, is their commitment to making bread with the best ingredients, time and love. If you check out their website you can see that they have a list of promises about their bread. It’s these promises that help make their products so delicious.

Brunch at Art-Is-In Bakery is great! We both had an egg, cheese and bacon sandwich on a croissant. While the egg and cheese were great and the bacon awesome, the real star was the croissant. I’ve never had such a good croissant in all of my life, even when I was in Paris. As I write this, my mouth has started to water and now I have a huge craving for one of these buttery, flakey treats. I would honestly go and buy a whole bunch right now!

As we were waiting for our sandwiches, we over heard a conversation between Kevin Mathleson (the genius behind Art-Is-In) and a customer. Kevin was describing some sort of amazing creation that contained pork that was ground in house and then was cured in maple syrup and had potato and sweet potato in it – it was a tourtiere! After talking to the customer who was planning on getting one, we made the very hard (not!) decisions to get one as well. Of course we couldn’t leave without some bread. We ended up getting some of the potato, caramelized onion and dill bread – highly recommend it! That night we got home late after tons of Christmas running around and helping my parents with some photo taking. So we decided to have some tourtiere for dinner. Now normally I am not the hugest fan of tourtiere, I usually find them very dry and they don’t taste like much. Then came the tourtiere from Art-Is-In, hallelujah! It was pure deliciousness in my mouth! Not only was it juicy but it also packed some great flavours from the maple syrup and potatoes. It will be a real accomplishment to find a better tourtiere! So if you’re ever looking for some amazing tourtiere, or croissants, or bread, you need to check out Art-Is-In Bakery. Really, if you live in Ottawa,  you should get off your butt and check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Yum yum!

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Twitter: @ArtisinBakery

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