Let’s all be Kind!

24 Jan

I know I’ve been an absentee blogger this month but I have a good excuse! The last few weeks I’ve been working hard to help develop a new webpage, Facebook page and Twitter account for a super cool initiative happening in February. Between trying to figure out CSS and making sure that I have all the artwork in the right place, I haven’t had a ton of time for Adventures. I would like to mention that what I did was only a tiny part, we had an amazing volunteer come in and do most of the work and our amazing graphic artist made everything look super pretty!

This year marks the fifth year of Kindness Week! For the last five years one week in February has been dedicated to making Ottawa a kinder city. Kindness Week encourages everyone to choose to be kind everyday. Being kind isn’t always about donating a million dollars (if you can donate a million dollars give me a call) but about doing small acts of kindness. These small acts of kindness add up quickly and make a huge difference. This year Kindness Week is highlighting five ways to be kind; ways of giving, volunteering, saying tanks, ways to celebrate kindness and how to pay it forward. Kindness Week is happening February 17th to 24th, so start thinking about ways you’re going to be extra kind! Visit kindottawa.ca for more information and make sure to like the Kind Ottawa Facebook pageand follow @KindOttawa on Twitter.

If you want to get into the kind spirit early come stop by the Tartan Pub this Saturday between 1:00pm and 4:00pm for the Tartan Pub Annual Chili Contest. For $10 you get the chance to sample 10+ chilies from local chili aficionados and all proceeds will go towards supporting United Way Ottawa. Plus I’ll be there so you can see me! Check out the Tartan Pub’s website, tartanpub.com, for more info on the restaurant.

Another cool event that’s coming up is the annual Festival of Chocolate. What began as an internal fundraising initiative by Distress Centre staff has turned into an amazing celebration of chocolate. Chefs, bakers and chocolatiers come together to compete and see who can make the best chocolate dish! Admission is $50 per person and includes coat check, access to all chocolate samples, a complimentary beverage and a parting gift. Plus you get to support the Distress Centre of Ottawa’s volunteer program! If you have a group of people you can also reserve a table. For more information check out their pamphlet 2012 Festival of Chocolate Pamphlet, or visit their website at festivalofchocolate.blogspot.com.

If you have a restaurant and are doing something special during February let me know! I will try and make it out to the event and at the very least I will advertise it on my blog, Facebook and Twitter. You can reach me by leaving me a comment here, by sending me an email to adventuresottawafoodie@gmail.com, sending me a Tweet @AnOttawaFoodie or leaving a comment on my Facebook page. If you do something or see a kind act make sure to share it on Twitter using the #kindottawa.

DISCLOSURE:My day job is with United Way Ottawa. While this blog post does support their initiative, it is my own opinion and is in no way reflective or representative of United Way Ottawa’s opinions. Nor was I paid or asked to write this post. I just like being kind :D.

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