Why You Shouldn’t Drink Pop…

28 Mar

Last night broke the streak of healthy eating. After going for a great swim yesterday morning and doing a weight and abs workout after work, I felt like some lasagna, so that’s what I made and it was delicious! I love homemade lasagna it is the perfect mix of pasta, cheese and meat. While I make a pretty mean lasagna, my dad is who makes the best lasagna in the world. Sorry rest of the world.

Yesterday I mentioned that my first triathlon of the season is in 7 weeks. If you’re interested in joining me for a fun time, I’ll be competing in the Dr. Freedhoff Try A Tri Challenge. The race will consist of a 100m swim in a pool, 11.8km bike and 2km run, it should be a great event for those who’ve never tried a triathlon before. My goal for the event will be to finish in around 45 minutes. This my guess on how long it should take me to complete the course but this weekend I am going to do an inside version of the triathlon at my gym to figure out how fast I can actually do it in. If you’re interested in signing up here is the link to all of the information – Dr. Freedhoff Try A Tri Challenge.

If you’re looking to get into better shape this year there is one thing you should really try and limit, soda! I love a can of Coke. It is one of my favourite things to drink when I am having pizza, tacos, burgers, with Jack Daniels, the list could go on. Up until recently I would have a pop almost every day and I really think it’s one of the reasons that I kept on gaining weight. I am now limiting myself to one pop a week. What I notice the most is that afternoons when I have a coke I feel tired and boated. Now that I drink primarily water at work I don’t feel nearly as tired or bloated. Plus if you check out this cool infographic, you’ll see that not drinking pop will help reduce your chance for all kinds of health problems.

Harmful Soda
Via: Term Life Insurance

This post is a little all over the place, hope you enjoyed it anyway!

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