The Atomic Rooster

12 Apr

Do you remember playing floor hockey in school as a kid? I never played organized ice hockey but I always loved playing floor hockey in school. It was awesome getting on a good team and winning a couple of games. For the past four months I’ve been reliving my grade school days by playing on a floor hockey team with some friends. The Ottawa Sports & Social Club organizes a bunch of different sporting activities for adults of all skill levels to take part in. This winter our team played really well and had a great time. Our last game was last night and we played a great game and even won. Yours truly even opened the scoring with a beautiful goal.

This season our team name was the Atomic Roosters. It wasn’t just because we had awesome atomic rooster t-shirts, but because the Atomic Rooster gave us a deal after each of our games. The Atomic Rooster is an awesome bar down on Bank Street. It showcases local music and artists, so it has a great vibe. Atomic Rooster also has an awesome selection of beers both local and international. Last night I had a great beer called Stiegl from Austria, if you stop by and like lighter beers, make sure to give it a try. Another great thing about the Rooster is their specials. Every night has a special; Monday – Half price chicken wings, Tuesday – Spaghetti and wine, Wednesday – Burger and Beer, Thursday – Prime Rib Dinner, Friday – Fish and chips, Saturday – Pizza and a Pint and Sunday – Prime rib dinner (make sure to check their website to make sure the special hasn’t changed). Last night I took advantage of the Burger and Beer special, a beer and burger for $13. I had a beef cheeseburger with fires. The fries are awesome they were seasoned perfectly and just crispy enough. The burger was really good as well. If you’re looking for a cool place to grab a drink and bite to eat check out the Atomic Rooster.

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to my Atomic Rooster teammates. Thanks for having me on your team and for a great season! Can’t wait for next season where we’ll kick some more butt!

Atomic Rooster on Urbanspoon

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