Food Truck Infographic

28 Sep

One of my post popular posts ever is about the Bite This food truck here is Ottawa. ( Ottawa has seen a few more food trucks open in recent years including Stone Soup Foodworks, Trailer Pork Boys and Relish. We also have our collection of poutine and hot dog trucks that can be found all over the city. Here in Ottawa, we are well behind the food truck craze compared to a lot of other cities in North America. This is in part due to city restrictions and because of climate. But with all of the hype surrounding food trucks, including Food Networks The Great Food Truck Race, a lot of people think “hey I want to open a food truck!”

I am definitely one of those people. Opening a food truck seems like a relatively inexpensive way of starting your own business. Plus I love food and enjoy being a social media all of the time. I am always coming up with new themes for my future food truck and think that I would be able to make some pretty good food that people would love. However, until the city changes some of the restrictions around permitting for food truck, my dream of owning and operating a food truck will be on hold. Doesn’t mean I can’t still research how to do it once food trucks are allowed here in Ottawa.

Just the other day I got an email from someone about an infographic they had just help create about food trucks. If you’ve ever been interested in opening a food truck take a look. It will give you some things to think about before opening your very own dream food truck!

Thank you to for providing the infographic. Click HERE to see in the infographic on their page.

America's Food Truck Infographic


Thanks again to for the awesome infographic!

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