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Part One – The Journey

20 Apr

At the beginning of March my girlfriend and I decided to escape the cold Ottawa winter and go south to Florida. We’re super lucky because her parents rent a condo down there every year and they are nice enough to put up with yours truly! We were there for a full week, (not long enough when you come back to a snow storm!)so instead of doing one uber long post about all the things that we did in Florida I am going to break it up into a short series of posts. So you will have to keep coming back to see what happens next!

Before we even left my girlfirend and I got into a “debate” – to drive or to fly. I was for driving because it would be cheaper then flying from Ottawa to Tampa and I always like a good road trip! While she was all for flying because it would mean we could spend more time in Florida, an argument that was hard to beat. In the end we were very mature and decided to drive to Syracuse, New York. Where we would then fly to Tampa, and the great thing was we found a flight from Syracuse for almost half the cost of flying from Ottawa! Look into it if you ever want to fly into Florida.

So the day we left we both worked a full work day and then I drove us to Syracuse. Let me tell you, some of the roads in New York are soooo dark! On our way imagedown to Syracuse we stopped at one of my favourite family restaurant chains in the US, Cracker Barrel! Cracker Barrel operates more than 595 stores across the states. They are all pretty much the same, there is a restaurant and a retail store. The theme is what I like to call “American Pickers on steroids”. It is southern US styled will all kinds of stuff on the walls. The food is southern comfort food, it has a huge menu and serves breakfast all day! The Cracker Barrel we went to was in Watertown, New York. The first thing I noticed walking into the Cracker Barrel was the number of people from the military. With Fort Drum really close by the place was packed with US military personnel and their families, I never felt safer! One of the great things about Cracker Barrel is that it is super affordable! Our entire meal was only $28. I had a 12oz rib eye steak with  baked potato, house salad, cornbread and biscuits. My girlfriend had Roast beef with corn and mashed potatoes. While the quality of the food wasn’t five star it was more than worth the money. The waitress was super quick and we got our food way fast! It was a great first meal in the United States.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store on Urbanspoon

Once we got into Syracuse we went right to bed because we had a super early flight the DSC_0261next morning, we had to be up at 3 in the morning to get to the airport! When we got to the airport we found out the security didn’t open until half an hour after the airport opened, so we had to wait. Needless to say none of the restaurants or stores were open so no breakfast for us. We didn’t get anything to eat until we landed in Philadelphia for our connecting flight. There wasn’t a ton of quick options for breakfast so we broke down and had a McDonalds breakfast. I have to admit one of my guilty pleasures is a Sausage McMuffin Meal with the hash brown. While I know it isn’t good for me, and that McDonalds is an evil multinational company bent on taking over the world (ok maybe not taking over the world) I still love their breakfasts. After a quick bite, we were back on the plane, heading for sunny Florida!


Stay tuned for part two…

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