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Yum … Fish!

21 Apr


So I would like to preface this post by saying that fish has been my least favourite food for a long time. Recently I have started liking some fish a little more. But even still I only really like salmon, trout and tuna.

A couple of summers ago a friend invited me to an oyster festival. Not being a fan of fish and having never had fish I was somewhat apprehensive about going. But my friend and my girlfriend convinced me to go. When I got there is was PACKED!!! There were all kinds of people there enjoying adult beverages, oysters, fish sandwiches and burgers. Before getting into the festival came my first challenge, I needed to decide between a burger and a fish sandwich. It was a tough choice but in the end I made the right choice. I went with the fish sandwich, I my girlfriend was shocked! After waiting in line for my sandwich I took my first tentative bite … it was AMAZING!!! After that sandwich I was adventurous for the rest of the day and ate my fill of raw oysters. (Everyone with me loved when I had one because I made the funniest faces!) Ever since then I have wanted to go to the restaurant that hosted the festival, Whalesbone.

Whalesbone is a local restaurant and seafood provider. What makes Whalesbone so awesome other than the amazing food (by Charlotte Langley) is that it provides sustainable fish and seafood. This means that you can go there and get fish and know that you are helping preserve our oceans!

Whalesbone has two locations, Whalesbone Oyster Bar on Bank St. and Whalesbone Halibut SandwhichSustainable Oyster& Fish Supply on Kent St. The the Oyster Bar does supper you can get brown bag lunch and buy seafood. A couple weeks back the was an online deal for the Kent St. location, $5 for $10 worth of brown bag lunch. This isn’t your mom’s brown bag lunch with a peanut butter and jam sandwich you used to take to school. My sandwich was a fried breaded halibut sandwich with garlic aioli and caramelized onions. The fish was fresh and not greasy at all. The aioli had a great tang and I just love caramelized onions! My girlfriend got the smoked salmon sandwich. The Salmon had an awesome pink colour and a good kick to it. Now that we have had our amuse bouche, we can’t wait to go to the Whalesbone Oyster Bar for supper!!!

If you’re ever looking for a great, quick lunch checkout WIMG-20110421-00027halesbone Sustainable Oyster& Fish Supply on Kent St. , you need to go at least once. If you don’t like fish, you should still go, it will change you into a fish lover!!!

Smoked Salmon

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Last Night’s Super!!!

30 Sep

Maple , Dijon Glazed Salmon with roasted Beets and Cauliflower

Yum!!! (I don’t even like fish!)

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