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Community Builder of the Year Awards Gala

28 May

Ever wonder how you could fuse your passion to make the world a better place with your drive to make some money? Well Mark Brand has figured it out and is making a huge difference in his community.

Mark Brand is a business owner, entrepreneur, social activist and all round cool guy. His life as an entrepreneur began in the summer of 2007 with the opening of his first venture, Boneta Restaurant. Since then Mark and his team have also established other ventures in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside including Sharks + Hammers, The Diamond and Seamostr Shushi.

In 2010, MarK Brand assumed control of the historic Save On Meats Butcher Shop / Grocery & Seafood in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver is noted for a high amount of poverty, drug use, sex trade, crime, violence, as well as a history of community activism. Mark didn’t want to treat Save On Meats like any other business. He wanted it to be part of the community. To do this, Save On Meats hires people from the community, giving people who face obstacles to employment a chance to earn a living. They have also launched a token-program, where you can buy a token at the store and it will be given to someone in need to be redeemed for a free meal.

Mark Brand

If you want to get a feel for what Mark Brand is all about check out this awesome TEDxVancouver video.

On June 6, 2013, Mark Brand will be at the United Way Ottawa Community Builder of the Year Awards Gala. There are still tickets available, if you want for information or buy tickets visit the Community Builder of the Year Gala site HERE.

United Way Ottawa is also holding a contest where you can enter to win two tickets to the 2013 Gala to hear Mark’s story on the importance of good business doing good. To enter the contest click HERE.

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