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19 Mar

Last year Ottawa was bitten by the food truck craze. City Hall finally released a limited number of permits for some new food trucks. Having worked in the east end of Ottawa for the last couple of years I’ve only had the chance to try a couple. I’ve already posted about Relish Food Truck, Stone Soup Foodworks and Bite This if you want to read a little about some of the other trucks in Ottawa. Now that I am working downtown, I am looking forward to trying a bunch more.


I’ve already convinced some of my new colleagues to brave the weather and walk down to Ad Mare. Ad Mare is located at Slater and O’Connor, which is super convenient / dangerous for me because I work less than 5 minutes away. The day that we went it was super cold out but there was still a line, so you know the food has to be good.

Ad Mare specializes in seafood. In the past there menu has included items like crab grilled cheese sammy, shrimp po’boys, fish tacos and fish & chips. Once a week they have lobster day, which is the day we went to Ad Mare, lucky for us.


On the menu that day there was lobster mac n cheese, lobster rolls, lobster poutine, fish tacos and fish & chips. By the time we got there the lobster mac n cheese was already sold out, so I got the lobster poutine. It was delicious! The lobster poutine was hand cut chips topped with butter poached lobster, cheese curds and gravy. When I originally ordered it, I was afraid that there wasn’t going to be a lot of lobster, I was happy to get lots of lobster, claw meat and tail meat. It was super tasty. It was a little pricy compared to other poutines but I’ve never had another poutine with lobster. I will definitely be back to Ad Mare, probably more than once. If you’re in the downtown core Ad Mare is a must try. If you’re coming from outside the downtown core, pick a nice day so you can enjoy a meal outside.

You can find Ad Mare on:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/AdMareSeafood
Twitter – twitter.com/ad_mare
Web – admareseafood.com

Ad Mare on Urbanspoon

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