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Relish Gourmet Food Truck

15 Oct

One of my favourite TV shows on Food Network is the Great Food Truck Race. This season, teams of wannabe food truck owners raced across the US in the hopes of winning their very own food truck and $50,000. **SPOILER ALERT** The winning team, Seoul Sausage (www.seoulsausage.com), were not only great promoters but also had interesting good food. (At least from what I am told on TV.) They did a food truck take on Korean BBQ. Focusing on something a little different is what often propels a food truck to success. Ottawa is slowly seeing in an increase in the number of cool food truck options. The newest entry into the Ottawa food truck scene is Relish Gourmet food truck. What makes Relish an awesome food truck is the fact that there isn’t a French fry or hot dog on the menu. Paul Bergeron, the mastermind behind Relish, is bringing gourmet restaurant food to the street.

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I were downtown for a work event and decided to stop by Relish Gourmet food truck for lunch. Located in front of the law building on the University of Ottawa Campus, parking was a little bit hard to come by so I let my friend off to start looking at the menu. As I was parking I got this tweet from her:

We ordered one of everything! (Except a drink.) It wasn’t too busy while we were there, so we got a chance to chat with the two people in the truck who were all super nice! In record time we got our order of everything which included; black bean and feta tocos, bbq chicken Sammy, s’mac and cheese and fresh doughnuts. There was more than enough food for the both of us but we soldiered through and devoured it all. I’ve been sitting here for the last five minutes trying to figure out which of the dishes was my favourite and I can’t pick one over another.

One of the highlights of the meal was the tortillas. They tasted like they were freshly made and had a great flavour to them. I find that at a lot of places you don’t even taste the tortillas, they are only there as a vessel to get everything else to your mouth. At Relish, the tortillas were a component of the dish and complemented they other ingredients.

I am also going to give a shout out to the s’mac and cheese. There is a reason this stuff is called s’mac and cheese, it is addictively good! This isn’t your overly greasy or neon orange mac and cheese (though I do love neon orange). It’s creamy, cheesy goodness topped with bacon and crispy onion.

Relish Gourmet food truck lives up to its name, the food is gourmet! It is now one of my favourite food trucks here in the city, right up there with Stone Soup Foodworks. Since they are both down on the University of Ottawa campus you can hit them both up in one day. If you’re an Ottawa U student you are crazy lucky! You have two of the best food trucks in the city right at your front door. It almost makes me wish I was still a student. Next time you’re downtown trying to figure out what to do for lunch, head over to the campus and try Relish Gourmet food truck.

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