Let the Kindness Start…

18 Feb

Today marks the beginning of Kindness Week! So, like the Grinch, it’s time to grow your heart a couple sizes bigger! Kindness Week will start be launched today at 11am in the Rideau Centre. Stop by to say hi and score yourself some free stuff. If you like cupcakes, hang around the ByWard market and you may get a free cupcake from the Flour Shoppe. If you’re looking for more ways to be kind this week check out the Kindness Week website at www.kindottawa.ca . Make sure to let others know about you’re kind activities by posting on Facebook and by using the hashtag #kindottawa  on Twitter! (You can follow Adventures on Twitter and Facebook!)

Here is an article on Kindness Week from YourOttawaRegion.com. My name is in there!!! (check it out at HERE! or see below)

Kindness makes the heart grow fonder

a smile makes all the difference. Kindness Week gets ready to spread good deeds to everyone in the city starting Feb. 18. Rabbi Reuven Bulka kicks the stop, drop and read program off reading to a bunch of nursery school children. A movement created by Rabbi Reuven Bulka, the week involves asking people to treat others as they would like to be treated. Michelle Nash

Hold open a door. Smile at someone as they pass by. Let them take the seat on the bus. All are acts of kindness and each one could help make someone’s day a little brighter.

And for one week in February, a campaign created by Ottawa Rabbi Reuven Bulka called Kindness Week, aims to do just that.

Now in its fourth year, the rabbi’s looks to give people across the city the motivation to take a moment to help someone else, to give something back and to make someone else’s day a little nicer.

The rabbi is hoping this year’s campaign will be an even bigger success that in the past few years.

“I think, as we enter our fourth year, this shows that kindness has staying power.”

Bulka, who is rabbi at the Machzikei Hadas synagogue, has been known to work hard in the community to help promote a variety of events and causes.

He has long fought against anti-Semitism and intolerance and grew tired of the constant battle with the negative. The idea of kindness week was born out of the Bulka’s desire to fight for something positive for a change.

Four years ago, he decided fighting for something positive could become an important catalyst for change.

“Anyone can be kind. Kindness doesn’t have to be expensive. All it is to me is going beyond what you would do and help people. It can be as simple as holding the door or saying good morning,” Bulka said.

As a result of his efforts, a kindness committee was created and Kindness Week in Ottawa was born.

In 2010, Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi put forward a motion at Queen’s Park to recognize Kindness Week province-wide event in February. The motion was passed unanimously.

“It has expanded. Now we want to connect the generations and reach out to the kids,” Bulka said.

One of the week’s events, Stop, Drop and Read, will be put on by the Ottawa Public Library and invites people across the city to promote reading or help those who have difficulty reading anywhere and anytime they can. People are encouraged to read to those who can not as an act of kindness.

Kindness Week enthusiast Stuart Buist has been blogging about the upcoming week to promote kindness beyond the core supporters. Buist’s blog suggests readers participate in Kindness Week by purchasing someone a coffee or making cupcakes and handing them out.

“My only hope for the week is that even if people only do one kind thing, it is a start,” Buist said.

The food enthusiast also hopes it will spread further than the week and set the tone for the year.

“Kindness week is a great way to get the message across and maybe it will go beyond all the events,”

The United Way has partnered with Kindness Week in hopes to spreading the message and getting people moving about the city with acts of kindness and have brought on a blogger who will be coming back from last year to help the United Way Ottawa reach out to take people beyond the virtual world and promotes people to take kindness into real life situations.

Rebecca Stanisic, is a stay at home mom who started blogging to reach out beyond her children.

“That is the beauty of online because it facilitates partnership and connections,” she said.

The mother of two discovered a network of friends through blogging and when she joined forces with Kindness Week last year, she was amazed at the power the Internet has to bring people together and get them out making kindness a constant feature in peoples’ lives.

“I am going to challenge bloggers to get their voice out to be kind beyond the computer.”

In her second year as a kindness blogger, she is excited because she believes this is the year things could really change for the better.

“Kindness week is just a kick off to make it happen and I think it would be really important for it to last year round.”

For the rabbi, he can only hope for reverberation of kindness throughout the year.

“The one thing is you can’t be cruel to be kind, can’t tell them what kind of kindness, but at the same time, hopefully whatever they do will set the tone for the rest of the year.”

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