Holy Cow!!!

6 Jun


This Friday the Ottawa Food Bank put on another amazing event to raise money and food for families in need here is Ottawa. Food Aid is a one day event, held in front of city hall, that not only raises money and food for the Food Bank but also raises awareness for local beef farmers.

Food Aid day has a couple of parts to it. The first and most tasty is the barbeque. The barbeque is provided by the Works and the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association. The Ontario Cattlemen’s Association provides the beef to the Works and the Works makes the patties and cooks them up the day of. This year the barbeque was insanely successful, over 1000 burgers were sold! What makes this really great is that because everything is donated 100% of the $10 for the burger goes towards the Ottawa Food Bank.

580 CFRA News Talk Radio was broadcasting on location from Food Aid. This day long broadcast was to encourage people to call in and donate. There were a number of local celebrities, farmers and politicians who were all interviewed on air to show their support for both the Ottawa Food Bank and for local farmers.

One of the best parts of the day is the celebrity milking contest. Here local celebrities and politicians compete to see who can milk the most. This year’s contest saw a number of celebrities compete including; Laureen Harper (see video below), Yasir Naqvi, Lowell Green, Lisa MacLeod and others.

The reason Food Aid is so awesome is because it isn’t just helping feed people in need in Ottawa but it also helps local farmers. The money that the Food Bank raises they use to buy ground beef, one of the most requested items at the Food Bank and one of the items they always need more of. They use the money to buy cattle that are usually hard to sell from local farmers. Not only does this help out people living in Ottawa but all of the local beef farmers.

If you didn’t have a chance to come out to the event but still want to donate, you can now donate $5 to the Ottawa Food Bank by texting BEEF to 45678. The $5 will show up on your next monthly cell phone bill.

This is an awesome event and if you are downtown next year make sure you stop by for your burger!!!

Video of Laureen Harper at Food Aid 2010

Pictures from Food Aid


Laureen Harper and Food Aid founder Wyatt McMillans

IMG00036-20100604-1041 IMG00039-20100604-1045

One of the milking cows                             A goat, he tried to eat my Blackberry!!!

IMG00042-20100604-1138 IMG00044-20100604-1141

A year old Clydesdale                                Alpacas, I really wanted to hug one!

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