A taste of Asia…

27 Sep

One of my pet peeves is when you can’t find an all-important ingredient for a new recipe. Just recently I was looking for Tamarind (a sour pod shaped fruit) for Pad Thai sauce. I called a couple of grocery stores and to my surprise the second one I called had Tamarind paste! Once I got there, there was no Tamarind paste, they had confused it with turmeric. So I was out of luck and wondering where I might have to search to find my one key ingredient, I was hoping I would have to fly to Thailand!!! Alas a trip to Thailand was not to be, my girlfriend reminded me that we have a HUGE Asian grocery store here in Ottawa. So instead of a flight to the wonderfully warm Southeast Asia, it was a quick car ride up Hunt Club.

T&T is a chain of Asian grocery stores, which is now owned by Loblaws Companies. (Loblaws bought the chain in 2009) T&T specializes in Chinese and Asian foods. Not only do they have sushi and soya sauce but pretty much every ingredient you might need to cook traditional Asian cuisine. AND they have more than ingredients, they also have a dedicated Asian bakery, sushi, Chinese bbq and dim sum departments. One of my favourite things to do on a rainy weekend, or in the winter when the farmers’ market is closed, is to head to T&T and eat the free samples and then pick up lunch from their hot foods department.


In the end I found my Tamarind sauce at T&T and also came out of the store with a bbq pork bun and dumplings. I also got the chance to try all kinds of different foods (free samples!!!) some of which I have no idea what they were! If you’re ever searching for an Asian ingredient for your new recipe or just want something to do I would definitely recommend checking out T&T.


Some pictures from one of my visits…

11-04-10_1235Cow heart!


Durian King of the Fruit


Geoduck, watch out it spits!!!

2 Responses to “A taste of Asia…”

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  2. Vinny Grette April 29, 2014 at 11:05 pm #

    Thanks for the tip! I too am looking for tamarind paste, reportedly a great fat burner 🙂

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