A monocot genus of flowering plants, informally referred to as the onion genus???

3 Oct

The answer is Allium (the proper name for the onion genus). Friday night I got invited out to go to Allium for supper and it was super good! Allium opened in 2004 and has built a reputation for a great atmosphere and even better food. Chef Arup Jana’s menu focuses on seasonal, local Canadian cuisine prepared with a bit of a classical French twist. IMG00001-20101001-1821

Friday night we went all out and got appetizers, main and dessert. I was brave enough to have the chefs choice for my app.  I wasn’t disappointed! On my plate was fish cakes, on a harvest succotash. The fish cakes were good but the succotash was really good, it had a nice acidity and awesome crunch! My dinning companions had the daily soup, roasted buttercup squash, and the Allium salad. Everyone really liked their apps.

BefoIMG00003-20101001-1842re going to Allium I received some advice from a very wise Turkey, he said…Steak Frites.  I was smart enough to heed these words of advise and had one of the best steaks I have ever had!!! The steak was done to a perfect medium rare (you can specify how you would like your steak done, but why would you ruin a steak with anything more than medium rare?). The outside had a nice crust with some maldon salt. The steak came with a chipotle aioli, and of course fries. The fries were awesome but the chipotle aioli was out of this world! The rest of the diners at my table got the maple roasted duck breast and the grain fed guinea fowl breast. Everyone loved their meal, and from the tastes that I could steal IMG00002-20101001-1841the duck was awesome!

After much arm twisting I ordered some dessert. My dinning companions got the crème brule and the chocolate-pecan. I IMG00004-20101001-1929got one of my all time favourites…banoffee pie. Banoffee pie is the perfect combination of banana, toffee and  cream. I thought I was going to get a little slice of pie but I was happily (my waist line wasn’t happy) surprised to see a small pie put in front of me. I managed to stuff it all down and it was delicious!!!

Overall I thought Allium was great! I would definitely recommend it for a good night out or a date night dinner. I only have one main complaint and its that where I was sitting was rather cold. I am sure that’s just because its October and you never know what the weather is like. I will give it 4 plates out of five!

plateplateplateplate(out of 5 plates)

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