Yum Beer!

28 Nov

Who doesn’t like a nice cold glass of beer? And who doesn’t like helping out their community? This week I got both, at the same time!!! How did I accomplish this, you may ask. I bought some of Beau’s Community Brew!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Beau’s Beer before they are local (Vankleek Hill), family run brewery. They focus on producing quality organic beers. They have one signature beer (Lug Tread Lagered Ale) and then seasonal beers (Beaver River, Festival, Night Marzen and Bog Water). For more information about Beau’s check out their website at www.beaus.ca .

DSC_0122Beau’ is all about giving back to the community. One way they did that this year is through the creation of their Community Brew. Beau’s describes the beer as “snappy, tart, crisp and organic. It features spicy fruityness with earthy undertones and has been brewed with lemon and orange peel to provide citrus aroma and flavour.” I describe it as supper yummy! I had some yesterday and it was great. One of my favourite things about the Community Brew is the jug it comes in. It is a 1.89L jug, it just looks cool!

The great thing about Beau’s Community Brew is that 30% of sales go to the United Way. This helps the United Way in its goal of raising $33.1 million fundraising goal. Right now the Community Brew is available at Beau’s Brewery.


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