Bike Food…

21 Jun


Today was the official day of summer and it made me realize that I haven’t posted anything in forever! I have been outside enjoying the amazing weather! (You should see my tan lines!!!) One of the reasons that I have been outside so much is because I am getting ready for the National Capital Sprint Triathlon. One of the ways that I am getting ready for this was by doing the Rideau Lakes Bike tour.

The Rideau Lakes Bike tour is a ride from Carleton University in Ottawa to Queen’s University. There are four routes with varying lengths and difficulty. I chose to do the Classic, which is 180km in a day. Most people will bike to Kingston stay the night at the university and then bike back the next day, however since this was the first time I haimaged attempted this I chose only to do one way on the bike. Even one way my friend and I took a little over 7 hours to make the trip. With an average speed of around 25km/hr, I burned about 7,500 calories. When you burn this many calories, you need to replace them while biking. I have a few favourite things that I eat while bike.

    Clif Bars are my favourite and my favourite clif bar is the Peanut Toffee Buzz! Over my ride I had two bars (on top of everything else I ate). Each bar contains 240 calories, 42g of carbohydrates and 10g of protein. I like these bars because they are easy to eat while ridding, taste awesome and are mostly organic.

A product I just found, that I love, are Honey Stinger Organic Chews. These are just like candy and I could eat them all day. Which would be really dangerous since they contain 160 calories and 39g of sugar per bagimage . While this may seem like a lot, you burn through it really quickly. Whenever I got to a big hill, near the end of the 180km ride I would pop a couple and be ready to go!

While these two things were my favourite things to eat, I also had other stuff including; a peanut butter and jam sandwich (lots of protein), almonds (great snack food), orange Gatorade and lots and lots of water! I will try to keep the updates coming with some healthyish recipes and some restaurant reviews.

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