Yummy Yummy Barbecue

23 Sep

One of the many shows that I love on the Food Network is The Best Thing I Ever Ate. It is a show where some of the network’s biggest stars, like Bobby Flay, where there favourite places are to eat. One episode that I saw was all about the best BBQ in the United States. While sitting there watching

IMG 20110923 00231

Jamaican Style Pork

people eat drool inspiring ribs and mouth watering pulled pork, I suddenly and in-expectantly had a huge craving for barbecue. So I started to think about where I could go for some awe inspiring smoked meat. However I couldn’t think of anywhere. Thankfully this problem has been rectified!

About 7 weeks ago a new restaurant opened up on York St. in the Byward Market. Under the talented guidance of Chef Warren Sutherland, formerly of Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro, opened Smoque Shack. Smoque Shack brings some of the best barbecue traditions from around the world but mostly southern United States. They smoke beef, pork, chicken and seafood and also make some awesome traditional sides. My girlfriend and I weren’t feeling like cooking tonight, so I picked to go to the Smoque Shack and we’re so happy that we did!

IMG 20110923 00232

St. Louis Style Ribs

We were both rather hungry so we went fairly early, around 5:15, and it’s a good thing that we did! When we got there someone showed us to a table right away. If we had come anytime after 6:00 we would have been waiting because it was busy! One reason that it was so busy was because Anne Desbrisay, food critic for the Ottawa Citizen, had a great review of the restaurant (it can be found here). I also think it’s because the food is freakin awesome! The way that the menu works is that you choose your protein or sandwich and then what side you want. Since we were so hungry, we ordered it a lot! We got a 1/2lb of Jamaican style jerk pork, 1/2lb of Texas style brisket and a 1/2 rack of St. Louis style ribs. On top of all of that we got the mac & cheese, baked beans, potato salad and sweet potato fries. Lots

IMG 20110923 00233

Texas StyleBrisket

and lots of yummy meaty goodness! All of the sides were good, my favourite was the mac & cheese and my girlfriend’s favourite was the baked beans. There are so many different choices of sides that I recommend that you save some room for them. If you like heat, you will love the Jamaican style jerk pork. It is hot but still super flavourful, on top of the porky goodness there was a great combination of spices, I think was some allspice and cinnamon and the heat must have come from some scotch bonnet peppers.

I am sitting here trying to figure out which was my favourite protein and I can’t decide! Not a bad problem to have. The St. Louis style ribs were chew the bone good! I wanted to make sure that I got every last piece of meat off of the bone. The ribs had a great sauce that was a little bit sweet and they had a great smoky flavour. When you bit into them and ripped off the meat, you could see the pink smoke ring, that is if you took the time to look at the meat as you ate it. My other favourite was the Texas style brisket, which is smoked the longest (10-12 hours with applewood). The slow cooking of this pice of meat makes it ridiculously tender and infuses it was smoky goodness. The brisket also had a great ratio of meat to fat, making it that much more delicious. One more plus was that I had a great beer. I got the Mill St. Brewey feature, the Mill St. Traditional Ginger, it had a great flavour of ginger. The only slight negative, depending on your preferences, is the decor. I for one enjoyed the huge TVs on the walls but I can understand how it can be annoying if the person you’re with is distracted by what’s on TV but really I am distracted by the food! So if you’re ever feeling like some barbecue make a beeline for the Smoque Shack!

The Smoque Shack on Urbanspoon

IMG 20110923 00237

Sweet Potato Fries

IMG 20110923 00236

Mac & Cheese

IMG 20110923 00235

Potato Salad

IMG 20110923 00234

Baked Beans

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