Fire and Pizza …

2 Oct

Ottawa has a couple of really popular neighbourhoods for food. The ByWard Market has tons of restaurants like; Murrary St restaurant, the Smoque Shack, Ahora and many, many others. New Edinburgh has Fraser Cafe, Farbs Kitchen and Wine Bar and ZaZaZa Pizza. Little Itally (along Preston St.) has hundreds of great restaurants. Ottawa seems to have a new “it” neighbourhood for restaurants. Hintonburg has seen the number of popular restaurants opening up explode. It is now home to some of the best restaurants in town, one of my favourites is Hintonburger. They have also seen some cool new restaurants open in the last few months. The Back Lane Cafe and Burnt Butter Italian kitchen have opened recently. Hintonburg will soon be the home of Isobel’s Cupcakes and Cookies and the Hintonburg Public House. A gastro style pub, headed by Chef Shonze, formerly a sous chef at the Whalesbone Oyster House. This weekend my girlfriend, some friends and I  headed down to Hintonburg to try out an awesome restaurant.

On a cold and rainy Friday, we made the trek (through traffic) to Hintonburg to try out Tennessy Willems. Tennessy Willems does wood fire pizza and some other mains, like flat iron steak, lasagna and spaghetti. When we got there is was still pretty early but it was already looking busy. The dinning room is fairly small, on my count there were 24 seats plus a bunch of spots at the bar. However, if you’re lucky enough to live close by or you’re willing to make the drive, Tennessy Willems does take out pizza. The take out line was what made me think it was much busier then what it really was. We were sat at our table and my girlfriend and I each ordered one of the three beers that they have. I had the Beau’s, my girlfriend had the St-Ambrois Pale Ale, the other beer was Steam Whistle.

While making a choice on beer was easy, choosing a pizza was very hard! Tennessy Willems does a thin crust pizza with all kinds of different toppings. Earlier in the in the day I asked some tweeps for any suggestions on what to have. @morelsottawa suggested trying the daily special or the pizza bianco, while @AaronDuke33 suggested the boar and apple pizza (check out the menu HERE). I ended up going with @morelsottawa suggestion of the daily special, while my girlfriend ended up going with @AaronDuke33′s suggestion of the boar and apple pizza. The boar and apple was amazing! The boar had a nice spicy bite to it, while the apple was sweet. The combination of the boar and apple together was divine. The special of the day ended up being rosemary sausage and heritage tomato pizza. While the sausage was superb, the heritage tomatoes were out of this world! The tomatoes were like bright bursts of tomato preserve, the flavour went perfectly with the cheese and sauce of the pizza. What really made the pizza was the crust, it is super thin, so you don’t fell like you’ve eaten a loaf of bread after eating your pizza. It also has a nice smoky flavour form being cooked in a wood oven.

The one thing that was kind of disappointing was the amount of toppings on the pizza. On both the special pizza and the apple and boar pizza there wasn’t enough toppings, some of the slices had one or two pieces of meat and veggies. This is especially disappointing because the toppings taste to darn good! Other than that I would definitely recommend Tennessy Willems. Not only is the food good, it has a great atmosphere and the price is great. For my girlfriend and I the total for the bill was $61.oo, including tip. The pizzas were $18 each, which is the most a pizza costs and the beer was $6 a pint. A great place for a night out! So next time you have a pizza craving check out Tennessy Willems. While you’re in the neighbourhood, checkout all of the other cool restaurants.

Tennessy Willems on Urbanspoon

IMG 20110930 00241

Apple and Boar Pizza

IMG 20110930 00240

Special - Heirloom Tomato and Sausage Pizza

Duck Confit Pizza

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